Community Prosecution

Central Division has two Community Prosecution areas; Jubilee Park, in the Fair Park area, and Old East Dallas, east of downtown.

Community Prosecution's mission is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Dallas.  To accomplish this goal, Community Prosecution Teams use Strategic Code Enforcement and creative strategies to address the most complex issues facing neighborhoods.

The Dallas City Attorney’s Office has various tools available to serve blighted neighborhoods.  Community Prosecutors identify a wide range of significant code violations in target communities and enact specific remedies to address and abate the violations.  Community Prosecutors use civil jurisdiction to enforce the city’s housing code ordinances, and they file litigation in district court to address egregious code violators.  Community Prosecutors use criminal jurisdiction to prosecute quality of life crimes including but not limited to substandard structures, hazardous or vacant buildings, illegal land uses, prostitution, public intoxication, graffiti, litter, noise, overgrown vegetation, illegal dumping, homelessness issues, and outside illegal storage.  This collaborative approach of dual jurisdiction and consistent enforcement allows our community prosecutors a range of options to address community concerns. 


​​The community prosecutor for Central Division is Zinzi Bonilla.


Zinzi Bonilla

Central CP