Crime Reports


A daily NIBRS crime report with Month to Date and Year to Date comparisons by Divisions.

A weekly coun cil district report, which are comprised of year-to-date and monthly comparisons of NIBRS crimes occurring within the specified date span citywide, and broken down for the fourteen Council Districts.

A weekly report in the same format as   the Compstat Daily Briefing, but broken down by Community Prosecutors Areas.

A weekly report, with 14 day, 28 day, and year-to-date comparisons.  Numbers are based on the date of offense occurrence. These NIBRS offenses are broken down by Police Divisions and by Watch 1, 2, and 3 (Midnight, Days, and Evening shift).

A weekly report in the same format as the CompStat briefing by watch that also includes Police Sectors.

A daily report for with month-to-date-comparison & year-to- date comparisons vs the same time period of the previous year. The offense counts are based on the date of offense occurrence are broken down by TAAG area.

A daily NIBRS crime summary and overall totals.

A daily report that shows the end of month percent changes.

A weekly report with 28 day comparisons by Police Beats.  Numbers based on date of occurrence.

A daily report with response times by priority, dispatched calls for service counts, and call and markout information. 



Reports are in PDF Format

The Dallas Police Department was NIBRS certified June 2018 with Crime Data from March of 2018 forward. All crime counts prior to March 2018 are calculated using the NIBRS counting rules but are not recognized as officially NIBRS and were added for comparative purposes only. In the Crime Against Society group there are offenses that didn't exist in 2017 because they were direct file arrest only, therefore greatly skewing the percent change values in that group. This also greatly affects the overall percent changes. In the Crime Category Robbery prior to NIBRS each Robbery incident counted per incident.  NIBRS Robberies count each victim (All victims which includes reporting persons).  Because of this counting rule prior to March 2018, we included the reporting persons from Jan 2017 – Feb 2018. Crime counts are based on UCR NIBRS rules therefore, cannot be compared to crime counts based on UCR Summary rules. These statistics are preliminary counts of the original police incident reports and may vary from the final UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) statistics published by the FBI. The above NIBRS crime statistics listed are not final and sometimes adjusted throughout the year due to re-classifications after being investigated or reports filed later by a victim daily.