Frequently Asked Questions

You may reduce your risk of being victimized if you follow the guidelines below.

Credit Card / Debit Card Account:

  • Immediately contact the issuer of the credit: the credit card company, such as American Express or Visa, a department store, or a bank. We also recommend contacting someone in the “LOSS PREVENTION” department for the company, instead of someone in their customer service department.
  • If your American Express, Visa, or any other card is used to purchase merchandise, you should also contact the store where the card was used. Again, contact someone in “LOSS PREVENTION” for the store and not someone in customer service.
  • Contact all three (3) of the credit reporting companies and report the incident to each of them. (Please refer to phone numbers provided below)
  • Ask them to put an alert on your credit report, this can alert creditors of potential fraud.
  • Have a security statement added to your credit report.
  • Call the Social Security Administration to report the fraudulent use of your number. They may, as a last resort, issue you a new number.

Checking Account:

  • Immediately contact the bank where the account has been opened. Again, whenever possible, you should contact the “LOSS PREVENTION” department for the bank, not someone in customer service department.
  • Contact the store where the check was passed, contacting the “LOSS PREVENTION” for the store, not customer service.
  • Contact Telecheck and other check verification companies reporting the matter to them.


Dallas Police Department
Financial Investigations Unit
1400 S. Lamar Street
Dallas, Texas 75215