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Commander's Welcome - Southwest Patrol Division


Welcome to the Southwest Patrol Division’s website. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to being engaged with your Patrol Division within the Dallas Police Department.   


The Southwest Patrol Division began in 1903 and has expanded to various locations as our community’s needs have grown. Since 1980, the Southwest Patrol Division has been located at 4230 W. Illinois Avenue. The Southwest Patrol Division is a “melting pot” of people from all walks of life and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  


The Southwest Patrol Division is comprised of approximately 300 officers and the men and women of your police department are truly committed to making the community safer while treating all people with respect and dignity.  


Partnerships and collaborations with different organizations and people within the Southwest Patrol Division is the only way that we can continue to make strides in making the Southwest Patrol Division safer and to bridge any gaps between our community and their officers.   We are fully committed to ensuring that every voice is heard and addressed.    


Please contact us with any concerns or suggestions.  


Thank you for your interest and please visit our site again.  


Major Richard Foy

Southwest Patrol Division

Dallas Police Department



Dallas Police Department
Southwest Division
4230 W. Illinois Ave.
Dallas, TX 75211
Tel 214-670-7470
South Bureau Commander
Deputy Chief Malik Aziz

Southwest Division Commander

Major Richard Foy

Community Engagement Unit