Mission Statement

The Narcotics Division is charged with the responsibility for investigation of offenses that are violations of the Texas Health and Safety Code.

The Narcotics Division will actively seek out narcotics traffickers at all levels and bring charges against them.

The Division will use all legal means available to identify and initiate prosecution against persons violating narcotics related laws. The Division will file asset seizure cases against narcotics traffickers whenever possible and will be responsible for the coordinating and filing of all asset seizure cases made throughout the Department.

The Narcotics Division will cooperate with other law enforcement agencies – local, state or federal – in order to provide for the effective investigation of narcotics related cases.

The primary consideration of any operation or arrest is the safety of the officer.​


Dallas Police Department
Narcotics Division
Tel 214-671-3120​​
Fax 214-671-​4621