Volunteer Programs

The Dallas Police Department currently has several volunteer programs.  All volunteers must attend the required training course for the desired program.  Most training classes are offered at the seven substations and usually last between 2 to 4 hours and are NON-CONFRONTATIONAL.

Our current programs are:

  • VIP - Volunteers in Patrol: This program is designed to  reduce crime by having citizens patrol their own neighborhoods in their own vehicles and reporting any suspicious or criminal activity to the police by calling 911.

    • Must be a member of an established crime watch group
    • Contact nearest Dallas Police substation for VIP training and class information​
  •  CHIPS - Citizens Helping in Parking Solutions: Citizens are trained to write parking warnings for handicapped parking violations in areas such as local malls or shopping centers. (currently this program has been suspended)​

  • COPS - Citizens Offering Police Support:  This program provides an opportunity for citizens to work hand-in-hand with officers across the city to make a difference in their community. Most duties are outside the substations such as graffiti paint outs or beautification projects.

  • Requirements for all Dallas Police volunteer programs:

      • Must be at least 21 years old
      • Must possess a valid state issued driver’s license or ID card
      • Must fill out an application prior to volunteering
      • Must pass a criminal history check
        • No felony convictions
        • No misdemeanor convictions within 5 years of applying to volunteer
        • No DWI convictions within 10 years of applying to volunteer​​​

  • CWEB - Crime Watch Executive Board: acts as a liaison between members of the community and the Dallas Police Department. In doing so, this allows for the maximization of the effectiveness of crime prevention efforts by providing support and education. Contact Lt. Rick Rivas for information at richard.rivas@dpd.ci.dallas.tx.us.

  • CERT - Community Emergency Response Team:  this program is intended to train neighborhood and community-based volunteer teams that will inform, educate, and train their neighbors on disaster preparedness; assist public safety agencies and local community boards with public events; respond to locally occurring disasters by strictly following CERT protocols, supporting emergency personnel upon their arrival and at their request and assist agencies in managing spontaneous volunteers at a disaster site. Contact Cassandra Wallace at cassandra.wallace@dallascityhall.com for more information.

  • ​Dallas Police Reserve Battalion​​ - If you have always wanted to be a police officer but already have an established career and cannot start over in a new field, an appointment with the Dallas Police Reserve Battalion may be your answer.   As a new applicant you will be expected to attend classes on the weekends and evenings in order to become full TCOLE certified Peace Officers.  You will then attend an abbreviated Dallas Police Academy to learn our procedures.  After training you will be joining an elite group committed to making a difference.  The hiring and background standards are the same as full time peace officers.  If you think that you may have what it takes, please call 214-671-4420.  You may also visit the Dallas Police Department’s Reserve website at www.dpdreserves.org.