Holder Responsiblities

Alarm Permit Holder Responsibilities

  • Maintain premises containing an alarm system in a manner that ensures proper operation of the alarm system.
  • Maintain the alarm system in a manner that will minimize false alarm notifications.
  • Respond, or cause a representative to respond, within a reasonable period of time when notified by the city to repair or deactivate a malfunctioning alarm system, to provide access to the premises or to provide security for the premises.
  • Not intentionally activate an alarm for a reason other than an occurrence of an event that the alarm system was intended to report.
  • Shall adjust the mechanism, or cause the mechanism to be adjusted, so that an alarm signal will sound for no longer than 10 minutes after being activated

Section 15C - 16(b) - A person who violates a provision of this article is guilty of a separate offense for each day or portion of a day during which the violation is committed, continued or permitted.  Each offense is punishable by a fine of not more than $500 and not less than:  (1) $200 for the first conviction; and (2) $250 for the second and each subsequent.