Blue in the School: Program Information

The Blue in the School program is aimed at 4th grade students and encompasses four (4) hour long sessions and will address topics ranging from drug awareness, anti-bullying, social media pitfalls and domestic violence through the Six Pillars of Character (respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, fairness and citizenship). Using the Six Pillars of Character, uniformed officers, who are the classroom instructors, will assist students in developing a roadmap which will allow them to navigate through these negative situations.

Through the Blue In The School program, the Dallas Police Department is committed to help prevent negative behaviors among students by developing and implementing a specially designed, age-appropriate curriculum that teaches life-long skills of decision making, negative peer pressure reversal, problem-solving, conflict management and character education.

Blue in the School is a series of life skills development training that can be integrated into the existing school curriculum. It is taught by uniformed Dallas police officers, thus allowing students the opportunity to view officers as a source of information and help. Students will be prepared for the opportunity to recognize and resist peer pressure and not fall into negative behavior. The officers will help the students develop communication and other interpersonal skills that promote healthy positive lifestyles.

If you need any further information regarding Blue In The School, please contact Sergeant Ashaki Hardeman at or (214) 671-3290.