Convenience Store Training - Northeast Patrol

The Dallas Police Department Robbery Prevention Training Program is designed to teach store owners, operators, and employee's robbery prevention techniques such as maintaining and utilizing a surveillance system, maintaining a clear line of site through windows, the use of a drop safe and cash handling procedures, as well as other crime prevention methods through environmental design.  In addition to robbery prevention, this training also includes HOW to respond in the event that there is a robbery and what to expect as the officers arrive.

Each owner, operator and employee of a Convenience Store within the City of Dallas is required to complete Robbery Prevention Training once every 12 months per Ordinance 12B and it is the store owner/operator's responsibility to ensure each representative attends.

SC Amber Oliver

SC Nedra Wilson

Training Dates:


4-Monday, 5 pm

12-Tuesday, 5 pm

20-Wednesday, 11 am

29-Friday, 11 am​            


2-Monday, 5 pm

10-Tuesday, 5 pm 

18-Wednesday, 11 am

27-Friday, 11 am


6-Monday, 5 pm

10-Friday, 11 am

15-Wednesday, 11 am

20-Monday, 5 pm


4-Monday, 5 pm

12-Tuesday, 5 pm

20-Wednesday, 11 am


  • Please remember to arrive early. We start promptly on time. Late arrivals will not be allowed to enter the training session.
  • Please bring your government issued identification.
  • All employees must attend a training class. However, they do not all have to attend on the same date.
  • Citations shall be issued if there is noncompliance under City Ordinance 12B-19(a).

Please contact Amber Oliver or Nedra Gilert with any questions.  

Convenience Store Forms​:

 The following forms are mandatory for everyt Convenience Store within the City of Dallas as defined by Ordinance 12B: 

       *You may complete the packet in the presence of an officer by presenting your VALID State ID and the officer will sign as a witness.
**Complete the "NOTARY" version of the CTA if you are mailing in your packet.


It is the store's responsibility to update their information with the
City of Dallas when renewals are due.


Ordinance 12B

Ordinance 12B Amendment-May 2017

Ordinance 12B Amendment-Paraphernalia Shops-May2017


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