Frequently Asked Questions

Any technical difficulty please email

Any questions regarding the Dallas Online Report System (DORS), please call 214-744-4444


What is needed in the report?

  • Who - The Victim is person who is telling the story.

  • What - Identifies what is damaged, lost or stolen.

  • When - This is the timeframe when the offense occured.

  • Where - The offense location is used to determine jurisdiction.

  • How - This is a narrative explaining the Who, What, When and Where .  This should explain how the offense happened.

  • These questions are designed to gather the Victim information, Loction, Items, Time, and summary of the element of the offense.  During the approval process if there is a question regarding a report that was submitted the Staff Review Clerk will send a Follow up email to person who entered the report.


Can I Report a firearm i.e. handgun, pistol or rifle stolen or lost in an online report.

No. This type of property requires an officer to make the report. 

What do I do once the report is submitted?

You can print your temporary report,  The Detective will follow up with you once the report is submitted and approved. 


What if I submitted my report and forgot to add something?

Once the report is approved a Detective will contact you, please have the information ready for the Detective to add to the report.


What if I have submitted my report and I still have questions that need to be answered?

Please allow 24 hours for the investigator to follow up with you regard your report. If you still have further questions you can contact or visit the closest substation to the incident location.

Investigative Units Phone Numbers

North Central
South Central
​Financial Crimes

What to do if I don’t see the type of report that I need to file?

Please call 9-1-1 or proceed to your closest police station to report the incident.

Can I file a report on an incident that took place in Dallas County, but not the City of Dallas?

No, although the incident took place within the County limits, the only reports that can be filed with us have to be within the City limits.


Can I file a report for an incident outside of the City of Dallas limits?

The ONLY report that will be accepted outside of the City of Dallas limits is "Identity Theft". For all other offenses, you will need to contact the police department where the incident occurred for assistance.

Are you in immediate physical danger?

Please call 9-1-1 immediately to have an officer dispatched to your location.

If there is physical evidence that needs to be collected?

Physical Evidence is defined as anything that was left behind such as: fingerprints left behind by the suspect(s), suspect items. Please call 9-1-1.  An officer will complete the offense report and collect the evidence.


Is this an emergency or in-progress incident?

If you are in need of immediate assistance, or the incident is in progress please call 9-1-1. 


What do I do if I’m having technical difficulties?

If you are having technical difficulties while inputting or submitting the report, please email us at and explain the issues you’re having. 


How can I get a copy of my police report if I didn’t save or print the Temporary Copy?

Unfortunately, the temporary incident report is a one-time only printable document, however, once your report has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an email with an attached copy of the official police report.

Can I report a Hit and Run Accident online?

Unfortunately, you cannot report a hit and run incident online, however if an accident did occur and the police were never called an accident report can be completed be filling out the Driver's Accident Report.