Gang Unit

The Dallas Police Department Gang Unit has the responsibility of documenting and tracking gang activity within  the City of Dallas.

As a parent, there is a lot that you can do to keep your children from joining gangs.


  • Learn about gangs and signs of gang activity.
  • Join others in keeping your neighborhood gang-free.
  • Understand children as young as nine or ten are joining gangs.
  • They join to belong to a group, for excitement, protection, money, and to be with friends.
  • Understand what special colors or emblems mean.
  • Identifying gang symbols on walls, books paper or clothing as graffiti.

Parents Role

Many gang members say they joined because the gang offered them support, caring, and a sense of order and purpose.  The odds are that the better you meet these needs, the less need your children will see for gangs.

  • Talk and listen to your child.
  • Put high values on education and help your child do their best in school.
  • Do everything possible to involve your child in supervised, positive group activities.Praise them for doing well and encourage them to do their very best.
  • Know what your child is doing and with whom


Talk to your kids about your disapproval of gangs and that you do not want to see them hurt.  Let your child know you will help them with whatever problem that arises and family members do not keep secrets from each other.