N​eighborhood Police Team



Crime in Dallas has fallen, at a steady rate, for several years. Part of the credit goes to the hard work of the men and women of the Dallas Police department, especially those assigned to patrol duties. Equally important in the fight against crime are the citizens of Dallas. ​

Through crime watch groups, Volunteer in Patrol, and other volunteer programs, the people of Dallas have joined the department in combatting crime. The public's involvement has been a critical element in the reduction of crime.


The Neighborhood Policing Team of the Central Patrol Division is responsible for interacting directly with the public, with the goal of fostering trust, cooperation and communication between the community and the department. Officers assigned to the team attend crime watch meetings, teach classes for Volunteers in Patrol, coordinate etching of valuables, and a host of other programs. Officers volunteer to serve in this team, and are interviewed and selected based on their abilities and qualities that relate to the duties required of team members. The officers of the Neighborhood Policing Team want to be involved in this program, want to work directly with the community, and are excited about their involvement.


Officers and Command Staff of the Central Neighborhood Policing Team


The division is divided into "Sectors" which are groups of beats (see map below). Each sector is assigned two Neighborhood Police Officers; one for days and one for evenings.


Next to each name below is the officer's shift (days or evenings) and the sector to which they are assigned.

Lt. Brian Deininger, Commander, 
Community Engagement Unit

  • Sgt. Derrick Wright, Team Supervisor
  • P.O Reneeshia McIntyre CTA/ C-Store/ Social Media
  • P.O. Delia Pesina Days, Administration/ C-Store/ Social Media/ Sector 110
  • VACANT, Evenings, Next Door / Sector 110
  • Sr. Cpl. Robert Hull, Days, Social Media/ Sector 120
  • P.O. Scott Herrera, Evenings, V.I.P Program/ Social Media/ Sector 120
  • Sr. Cpl. Chris Hauffe, Days,/ Social Media/  R.I.S.K Relief/ Sector 140
  • P.O. Kirk Hesse, Evenings, / Social Media / Sector 140
  • Sr. Cpl. Ryan Gillespie, Days, Social Media/  Sector 150
  • P.O. Michael Lee, Evenings, Operation ID/ VIP/ Social Media/ Sector 150
  • Sr. Cpl. Daniel Nevarez, Central Business District 214-671-4381​

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