Business Crime Watch

A very effective community partnership in combating crime is the Business Crime Watch. Residential Crime Watch groups have been an important part of the historical crime reduction we have seen in the City of Dallas over the past eight years, and we would not have been able to reduce crime without the help of the citizens of Dallas and the relationships we have built with the people that live in this city. The Business Crime Watch utilizes the same model by bringing businesses, their employees, property managers, security staff and the Dallas Police Department together to exchange intelligence and ideas on how to reduce crime in and around the businesses and commercial properties within the City of Dallas. It is our hope that the involved business will be proud to be a part of this crime fighting endeavor and will hang the signs and/or post the decals as a symbol of our new and stronger relationship.

Please contact your local (NPO) Neighborhood Police Officer Unit for information on the signs and stickers.

They are 18" wide x 12" high.

The cost will be $22.00  for each sign.