Multi-Tenant FAQ 

• What is the purpose of Chapter 27? 

The purpose of Chapter 27 "Minimum Property Standards" is to protect the health, safety, morals, and welfare of Dallas residents by establishing minimum standards applicable to residential and nonresidential structures. 

• What rental properties must be registered? 

All non-owner-occupied structures, which includes single family homes, multi-family complexes, duplexes, and individually rented condominium units. 

• What is the fee for a Multi-Tenant Registration? 

The fee for multi-tenant registration is $6 per rental unit, annually. If a violation(s) is identified during a graded inspection, a follow-up inspection will be required. There will be a fee of $46.00 per unit re-inspected, until all violations are abated. Re-inspections of the exterior and any common areas will be invoiced a fee of $20.00 for each separate structure inspected. 

• I live in another state, would I need to attend the graded inspection? 

No, any employee or designated representative of ownership/ corporate entity may substitute for representation. 

• How long does registration last? 

Registration is valid for one year from the date of registration approval. 

• Am I eligible for a refund if I sell my multi-tenant rental property? 

There are no refunds of registration, reinspection, or administrative failure fees. 

• Is a graded inspection required for my property? 

The City of Dallas will conduct an inspection at least once every three years, but not more frequently than once a year, (excluding complaints). 

• What are the requirements to Register? 

To register an E-Application (electronic)must be completed electronically via our online registration system (VGOV). A basic working knowledge of the property as well as ownership and management contact information will be required to be provided. A photo or scanned copy of a government issued photo identification card will be required to be uploaded. 

• Is air conditioning required in all rental properties? 

Yes, a property owner must provide refrigerated air equipment capable of maintaining room temperature at least 15 degrees lower than the outside temperature but in no event higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit in each room of a structure intended for human occupancy. If the outside temperature is over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, then at least one habitable room must maintain a temperature no higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

• How is mold addressed? 

The City of Dallas does not inspect for mold, but will address any violation that is contributing to the excess accumulation of moisture in the area or lack of required ventilation. 

• Who is responsible for removing bedbugs? 

Where evidence of an infestation exists, the owner of a building, structure, or property, including a vacant or occupied one- or two-family dwelling, or multifamily dwelling, shall eliminate the infestation using a person licensed under the Texas Structural Pest Control Act, as amended, and repair any condition that contributes to an infestation. 

• Are the tenants responsible for bulky trash or high weeds violations? 

Ultimately, the property owner is held responsible for all violations at the property. In addition, attempts will be made to notify the tenant(s) of these types of violations. 

• What is the required hot water temperature? 

The required temperature for hot water is 110 degrees Fahrenheit measured at the fixture. 

• What languages are required for written leases? 

Upon the occupant's request, the written lease must be provided in the occupant's primary language if that is: English, Spanish, or Vietnamese. 

• My property is not rented, do I need to register? 

No, registration is not required and no annual fee will be collected, but the owner must provide an affidavit annually stating the fact. You can print a copy of the Affidavit of Exemption-Rental Registration and mail it to Revenue and Collections at 3112 Canton St., Dallas, Texas 75226. 

• What happens if I do not register my property? 

Failure to present required Multi-tenant Registration, current Certificate of Occupancy, as well as Pool Permit (if applicable) or Manager of Pool Operations Certificate (if applicable) will result in Administrative Failure fining. Properties receiving an Administrative Failure will be invoiced a fee of $86.00 per total number of units on the property