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Dallas Police Department
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April 04, 2012

Summer Crime Initiative 

On April 4, 2012 at 7:00 pm, the Dallas Police Department launched its annual summer crime initiative, named the Violent Crime Task Force.  This task force will target violent crime offenders who are operating in specific geographical areas around the city as determined by crime intelligence, crime trends, and real time data.  The task force will run through the summer and is expected to conclude at the end of August.

The task force will be commanded by Deputy Chief Vernon Hale and day-to-day operations will be handled by Lieutenant Bill Humphrey.  Four sergeants and twenty eight officers have volunteered to staff the operation.

Citizens are encouraged to assist the Dallas Police Department by providing crime tips, leads to offenses, or any other community crime concerns by utilizing social media resources such as I-Watch, Facebook, and Twitter.  As always, citizens should call 911 for any type of emergency.

For more information, please contact the Police Media Relations Unit at (214) 671-4065.