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Southwest Patrol Division | Investigative Unit

4230 W Illinois ave.
Dallas, TX 75211

The Southwest Patrol Division Investigative Unit is home to approximately twelve(12) Detectives, two(2) sergeants,one (1) Lieutenant and one (1) Civillian Crime Technician whose  mission is to provide  investivative  support to the Southwest Patrol  Division.   The    Investigative    Unit   is   responsible for the  investigation  of  criminal offenses including but not limited to

  • Burglaries of Businesses, Residences and Motor Vehicles
  • Individual Robberies
  • Harrassing Phone Calls
  • Criminal Mischiefs

as well  as  an array of property offenses  that  fall  within  the property  crimes criteria.  The hours  of  operation are  Monday through Friday,7:00am-5:00pm. For moreinformation,contact the Investigativeunitat214-670-7471.                               

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