Internal Affairs Division

The Internal Affairs Division is a staff unit commanded by Major Reuben Ramirez who reports directly to the Executive Assistant Chief of Police.  The Internal Affairs Division has the responsibility of conducting independent administrative investigations of allegations of misconduct against members of the Dallas Police Department.  The Internal Affairs Division ensures an avenue of redress for citizens who have observed, or been the victim of misconduct by employees of the Dallas Police Department.  The procedures established for the handling of complaints assures the thorough investigation of incidents to determine if an administrative violation occurred by a preponderance of the evidence.  The Internal Affairs Division makes certain due process is afforded to all members of the Dallas Police Department in the discipline process when an allegation is sustained and the member's chain of command determines discipline is appropriate. 



Dallas Police Department
Internal Affairs Division
1400 S. Lamar Street,
Dallas Texas 75215
Phone: (214) 671-3986
Fax: (214) 670-8219